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Finding a Kelly

I gave some thought to flying Kelly (who has cut my hair for decades) to DC every six weeks to avoid trying to find a hairdresser here. But I decided that was impractical, as well as impossible.

So I decided to evaluate the haircuts of new female acquaintances here in DC and take a chance. At a wine and cheese reception in our retirement community, I noticed a well-dressed woman with a chic haircut and a commanding presence.

I introduced myself and asked her where she got her hair cut. She told me that some time ago while she was in a rehab facility recovering from an accident, a beautician named Vanna, who volunteered to give free haircuts there, cut her hair. It was a great match and she has been going to Vanna’s salon ever since.

I made an appointment with Vanna. She (a Greek immigrant who has been cutting hair for 40 years) is about as different from Kelly (an Irish-American with a fiery personality) as can be.

And my hair? Not quite Kelly, but not too bad. Definitely worth a second visit.


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Trying to find a new hairdresser is almost as bad as trying to find a new husband. 😜

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