Family Ties
Month One


We expected our first Thanksgiving in Washington, DC to be slightly different just because it wasn’t in Cambridge. And because our new apartment is not big enough for cooking and serving a feast, we had it at the kids’ house in Maryland.

Our daughter-in-law Katrina and I shared the preparation, and that worked out fine. Although it felt strange to be in a different venue, it included the people we love and our traditional menu. (And there was no eight-hour drive from Maryland involved for Jeremy and family!)

There was one amazing addition. Seth and Jeremy had videotaped interviews with many of our dear friends from home, saying good-bye and sharing memories of their long friendships with us. It was a complete surprise, one that took a lot of planning and a lot of driving around Greater Boston by Seth to interview everyone.

It was a bittersweet Thanksgiving because seeing our friends on the video made me miss them. But I shall cherish that video and those friendships forever.


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Sue Riege

What a great idea! I’ll need to remember that for when we make our big move. Happy Thanksgiving!

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