Getting Around

Thanks to Google maps, we are able to get where we are going in our new city. As we exit our retirement complex, Google always tells us to “Head southwest on Broad Branch. In 500 feet, merge onto…” That much I know by now.

But I did miss the turn back into the driveway once. Peter gently asked, “Aren’t we going home?” after I whizzed by.

Getting around is different here. We are in a lovely neighborhood with lots of single-family homes and plenty of kids on the street. But there are four-way stop signs on most corners, and I’m not used to having to stop so often.

On our first long walk to get to know the neighborhood, we found the recorded “do not walk” warnings on busy corners annoying as, unlike at home, the message repeated over and over for the whole time we waited.

Food shopping is a bit more of a hassle here because nearby grocery stores are on busy thoroughfares so that instead of pulling into a large parking lot, we have to go to a garage, take a ticket and get it validated in the store for free parking. It seems like a small thing, but until you get the “hang” of it, it’s confusing. The two times we’ve done it, I’ve sighed with relief when the machine took my validated ticket, wished me a good day and raised the gate.



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