Where's the Pastry Cutter

Family Ties

When we rented a house in Bethesda, Maryland last January to “try out” living near our grandchildren, our cousin Judy found it for us through her neighborhood listserv. Having a first cousin nearby was a huge plus.

More recently, we learned that a first cousin of Peter’s, whom we last saw decades ago, lives within walking distance of our new retirement community (walking distance that involves some hills, but still...) She was the brave woman who shepherded me through my nightmarish day at the DC Registry of Motor Vehicles. And she is now my friend.

Today we celebrate a new tradition, our first Thanksgiving at our children’s home instead of our own. We are in a new place far from what was our home of over fifty years, and there are challenges associated with that. But Peter and I have managed (at our advanced age) to make this happen, and we are grateful to be able to start a new chapter together.


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