Getting Around


The other day I received a comment about our big move from 70-something reader, Rachel Gallagher. With her permission, I share her thoughtful words.

Dear Judy,

I have followed your moving with great interest and appreciation. Ten or so years ago I moved after four decades of living in the same place. The moving preparation was much as you described it. Now comes the hard part!

 I want to urge you and Peter to cut yourself a lotta slack. 

You may feel all turned around. 

You may burst into tears in the supermarket. 

You may feel confused and disoriented, especially if you awaken

in the middle of the night with a compulsion to find an object

that in your mind is where you once kept it in the old house.   

You may feel like a refugee in your new house.  

You may feel a strong urge to take the next

plane back to Cambridge. 

Don't worry. You're in mourning, and time IS on your side in this

case. The first six months are the hardest!

It will pass. You will acclimate. 

And you will have the joy of proximity to your 





Thank you Rachel.


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What excellent advice and how thoughtful of Rachel to send it.

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