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The Running Group

My husband Peter was a professor of computer science at Boston College for thirty-something years. He retired fourteen years ago. He loved his job and you could say that he had a great “run” there.

He also had a great running group. Those who were free would meet daily around noon at the BC sports complex to run around the nearby Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

When Peter’s first BC “boss”, one of the runners and now the president of a college in Vermont, heard that we were leaving Massachusetts, he decided to gather the group last Sunday to honor Peter.

It was a marvelous tribute. Six runners showed up to send us off. We had a private room at an Italian restaurant. This group knows how to drink and there was lots of merriment.

Since we couldn’t all talk to everyone, I suggested each person take a minute to catch us up on their work, their families, and their plans.

It was a joyous occasion, and once more, I was reminded that I am not the only one who loves Peter. But I do love him best.


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It's so touching to hear of these goodbyes, and how much you have both been loved and valued in your communities.

Still the Lucky Few

That sounds like a wonderful tribute for Peter! You didn't say, does he still run?

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