Watching Paint Dry
Cowering in the Kitchen

Last Visit

The John F. Kennedy School of Government, my second home for so many years, has just completed a beautiful expansion to its campus.  I was still working when they broke ground five years ago, and we endured lots of pounding and screeching noises during my last year. 

I wanted Peter to see the magnificent transformation, including an additional new building, a large and beautiful eating area with a majestic stairway, a “winter garden,” and some new high-tech classrooms.

Bobby, my favorite security guy was at the desk when we entered and greeted me warmly.  In the new café with its multiple food stations, Gilda, its manager, hugged me.  Oscar, my favorite maintenance guy, still on the job, gave me a big smile.

We went to a talk by the former U.S. Secretary of Defense about his decision to open up all military positions to women. He talked about the importance of being able to choose the best candidates for the military from all the four million young people who turned eighteen each year and a number of other important issues.

I know that there will be similar events in our new hometown. But it will take us a while to figure it all out.



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