The Move
A New Chapter


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was my home for fifty-eight years; Washington, DC has been my home for five days.

No longer can I hop on my bicycle and be in Harvard Square in minutes. No more are the Boston Red Sox my home team. My closest friends now live four hundred miles away.  It’s a bit daunting.

So far, my new life in DC is all about boxes. They are everywhere, begging to be unpacked. Despite all our de-accessing, we still have too much.  And no clue as to where everything will go.

We face a lot of challenges and adjustments.  But the community we have joined has welcomed us and we know it’s only a matter of time until we feel at home.  And although we miss our friends, our grandchildren are now nearby.  That’s why we are here.

Still, there are a lot of boxes.


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Welcome to your new home, Judy! What a brave and bold move it is. Doing new things and being open to change is an important part of ageing well, and you are demonstrating that beautifully. I hope you will discover many unexpected compensations for what you have left behind.

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