Downsizing, Part 1
Harvey Update

Not-So-Great Expectations

We all have expectations. Sometimes they’re realistic. That’s good. But when expectations are unmet, that can be not-so-good.

And that’s what happened to us recently.

Twenty-three years ago we bought our house from a very nice realtor. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch, and he shepherded us through many for-sale-condos as we explored the possibility of downsizing.

So, we didn’t think twice about asking him to sell our house when we decided to move out of town to be near our children. We live in a desirable neighborhood, and our realtor told us that there were no homes for sale here besides ours. He said that the house would sell the first weekend that it went on the market, that there would be a bidding war, and that it would sell for more than the asking price in cash and without a home inspection.

That didn’t happen.

I have long warned others to keep their expectations in check. I did not take my own advice.


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