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Downsizing (Part II)

You may remember Ed Grimley, comedian Martin Short’s character on Saturday Night Live in the 1980’s and the episode in which he opens his refrigerator and bushels of onions come tumbling out. He asks, “Onions, onions, why do I have so many onions?”

Grimley and his onions came to mind on Sunday when I cleaned out our attic storage space. My “onions” were endless suitcases, dating back to pre-historic times.

We have four suitcases that we currently use--two carry-ons and two larger ones for longer trips. But we also have kids' backpacks on frames, two huge black suitcases on wheels that preceded the more reasonably-sized turquoise ones we use for serious travel now. There are assorted duffels (two aqua and a once-white one and a blue duffel bag on wheels that I don’t believe I’ve seen before). There is the dazzling red print Vera Bradley (without wheels) that I use for weekend car trips, etc.

Our trash collectors can’t wait 'til we’re gone.


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When I'm cleaning out closets or drawers or my kitchen pantry, I often marvel at all the stuff and wonder where it all came from. Good luck with your downsizing.


I'm throwing out lots of stuff right now, and am reminded how energising it is. I hope you are energised by all this clearing too, and that you will travel onwards feeling much lighter — which is always a good thing as we age.

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