Downsizing (Part II)
What Really Matters

Body Update

Fall is a good time for a body update because my annual medical appointments come around in September.

The good news is that my body still works fairly well, albeit a bit more slowly.

This month, I’ve had a bone density scan, a colonoscopy, a mammogram and my annual checkup, I’ve had an appointment with the endocrinologist who has finally persuaded me to do something about my not-so-strong bones, so I am having an infusion next week to deal with this problem. Which leaves just my dermatologist coming up early next month.

I have wonderful doctors and it’s daunting to think of establishing relationships with a whole new set in Washington when we move. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have had such good medical care.

When I think about what’s happened in the Caribbean, I am even more grateful and so aware that everything could change in a heartbeat.


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The older I get, the more maintenance I seem to require!!

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