Harvey Update

A Ray of Sunshine

If we were to tally the good days vs. the bad days since we put our house on the market, the bad days would win in a landslide. (Boy, the lessons we are learning!)

So when we had a good day this week, it lifted my spirits. And what made it so good? The extremely professional and competent man who did the nasty job of cleaning out the mess caused by our dryer’s broken vent. Unbeknownst to us, the vent that was supposed to send the lint from our clothes dryer in the basement through a crawl space under our patio had broken who-knows-how-many-years-ago and deposited dryer lint that we never saw into the crawl space.

But our potential buyer’s inspector had removed the panel hiding the entry to that crawl space and discovered the above-mentioned mess of lint and cobwebs covering everything.

Someone recommended a jolly “I’ll do anything kind of guy” whom we called and who came to fix the vent and clean out the crawl space ten days ago. The problem--he was obese and couldn’t get through the opening to the crawl space to do the job.

So we turned to a professional dryer vent cleaner. We described the situation to the owner over the phone. He told us it wouldn’t be a problem and sight unseen gave us what seemed like a fair price. And on Tuesday, he fixed it. For the fair price.

It was a good day.


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I'm glad at least one ray of sunshine has come your way! We last moved 13 years ago and I hope it will be 13 more before we make another to an assisted living situation. We will be 83 then.

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