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Downsizing, Part 1

The Big Transition

Eight weeks ago, as I was picking up a book in my local library, my cell phone rang. I stepped outside to take a call that turned our lives upside down.

It was a call we hadn’t expected to get for at least two years, telling us there was an available apartment in a continuing care retirement community. Getting on their long waiting list had been one thing. Knowing that we had a week to make a decision that would produce a huge upheaval in our lives was another.

When we got the call, we were about to go away for the long 4th of July weekend, and I asked if we could talk the following Wednesday. Two weeks later, we signed the contract that will change our lives irretrievably.

We will be moving near to our son Jeremy and his family in Maryland, four hundred miles from the life we have lived for almost fifty years, far from friends, neighbors and former colleagues.

It is the right thing to do.

We have a house to sell (currently under agreement, but not yet sold), stuff to get rid of (though I am not a big saver), doctors’ appointments (they always come this time of the year) and more. Moving is one of the biggest stressors on any stressor list. Moving at our age is harder. Leaving loving friends and a city you’ve known and loved is the hardest. Still, in the end, it is your children who are there for you.

It is the right thing to do.


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Norman & Val Ellis

Our best wishes for your move. We have recently downsized from our family home which you stayed in over 35 years ago to a nearly apartment in Blackheath Village with panoramic views across the Heath towards central London.
Val & Norman


Oh, big decision! and made decisively. I wish you courage and strength. Well, I see that you have the courage because you are facing into the next step and not pretending that old(er) age will just go away. Congratulations, and I'm sure that many good things lie ahead, despite the losses.

Elaine Soloway

Hi Judy,

As someone who has moved 17 times since my first marriage in 1960, I know you'll be successful in this new venture. I do wish you and your husband -- and your son and his family -- much happiness in this chapter.

Elaine Soloway

Still the Lucky Few

You have made the right decision, hard as it may be! As someone who values my children, it's what I would do as well. Best wishes to you for this part of your journey!

Ann Acheson

Best wishes in your move. It's wrenching to leave friends and the community where one has lived for so long, and there's really no ideal time to make such a move. In your case, the timing was dictated by the availability of the new place. But, you must have been thinking about it for a while since you'd put yourselves on the waiting list. On the plus side, you'll not only be nearer your children and grandchildren but will have milder winters and may be able to get out more. We totally empathize, as we are in a similar situation, though moving to condo nearer to our children and grandchildren rather than to a retirement community. Our move will not be as far, just from one city to another 2.5 hours away in our state, so will have an easier time coming back to visit friends. When will you move? We're going the end of September and are in the throes of preparation. A big job is getting new doctors, dentists, people to cut our hair, and other small things one takes for granted. We're going to miss all those folks too.

Wendy Lipton-Dibner

In my minds eye, I still see your contagious smile as we all sat chatting in the kitchen - it seems that was a thousand years ago. It never occurred to me then that you would ever leave the haven you created there. My heart is with you and Peter on so many levels. If there's anything we can do, please reach out. Sending love to you both. Wendy

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