My Sixties--a History Lesson

Our New Tradition

I’m not sure how we got started. I think that it was when we were binging on Parenthood, a TV series about three generations that was completely authentic in its treatment of issues we’ve all faced. At the end of each episode, Peter and I would cuddle on the sofa for a few minutes, so mellow after watching its beautiful depiction of real life.

Although we don’t like Grey’s Anatomy (which we are now watching) so much, it does offer us an opportunity to hang out with each other before going to bed, and we still hold each other tight for a few minutes at the end.

Here’s our conversation during our cuddle the other night.

Judy: “I love our post-Grey’s Anatomy cuddle. It’s sort of up there with coffee ice cream. I actually don’t know which I like more.”

Peter: “I do.”

Judy: “What’s YOUR coffee ice cream?”

Peter: “I don’t have anything.” Slight pause, then, “YOU’RE my coffee ice cream!”

Love that guy…

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