My Sixties--a History Lesson

Independence Day


We spent the July 4th weekend at the New Hampshire lakeside house of Gordon and Christa, friends of more than fifty years. Mutual friends, Joanie and Peter, were there too.

On these mountain weekends, we have good food and wine (Everybody pitches in.) and brisk walks around picturesque New Hampshire village greens or in the mountains. If we’re lucky (and we were this time) we take a spin in Gordon’s 1938 LaSalle convertible. People wave and holler at us. We’re quite a spectacle.

We also have good conversations, and sometimes we even disagree like only old (literally and figuratively) friends can. This year we had different views on two subjects.

First, when friend A ask friend B to contribute to a cause that friend A is passionate about, is it OK for friend B to say, “Sorry, I give all my charitable contributions to fill-in-the-blank?” Or should friend B come up with a small contribution to show good faith? No agreement was reached here.

Second issue: Should our generation de-access years of stuff from our basements and attics or should we leave that to our children? One side says “Let the kids do it—we did plenty for them.” The other says that our kids have enough to deal with when they lose us, so let’s make it a bit easier for them.

Good questions on which we eventually agreed not to agree.


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