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Longer Days


On the thirteenth of July,1965, a red VW beetle pulled up to the entrance of the Harvard Square subway. It was driven by a man who worked where I was starting a new job that day. Since it was not accessible by public transportation, Human Resources (then called “Personnel”) had arranged a ride to get me to work until the new car I had ordered (also a red VW beetle) arrived.

The driver, now my husband of forty-nine years, was Peter. I remember what I wore that day AND what he wore.

Since my new job was in Human Resources, I had access to personnel files, and as soon as I had a free moment, I determined that Peter Kugel was single. I got a little help with that from a woman in the office next to mine, and next week, we will have dinner with her and her husband, as we have countless times in the ensuing years.

Thursday, on the anniversary of our meeting, I gave Peter a ride to his new physical therapy program at a place that’s hard to get to by public transportation. I told him that it was payback for two weeks of rides to work in 1965. He replied, “I got the better deal.”

That’s questionable.


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What a sweet story! I like the matching VW Beetles.

For our first date, my husband an I both suggested the same movie that each of us had seen the week before and that was not really a date movie at all.

A freak snowstorm prevented us actually seeing it that day, but we have watched it many time since in the years since.

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