2017 vs.1997

A Milestone

On Sunday, July 2, I posted my thousandth blog entry on www.70-something.com. It’s hard for me to believe.

That’s a lot of words reflecting a lot of thoughts, mostly about navigating my seventies.

When I selected around two-hundred posts for my new book, 70-Something: Life, Love and Limits in the Bonus Years, I never thought about the total number. I just wanted to give those who weren’t with me in January, 2008 a chance to look back without having to plow through every word.

I’ve been writing now for nine and a half years, without missing a Monday or Thursday. It may be impossible for me to stop.

People are starting to ask me if there will be an 80-something.com (assuming there will be a Judy F. Kugel here to write it which I hope there will). I can’t imagine not putting my thoughts on the Internet.

We’ll see.


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