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Speaking Up

A friend and I have lunch together once a month. We go to the same place, at the same time, have a great conversation in the same booth and order the same thing. I know…it’s pathetic.

My lunch is always a Cobb salad with balsamic vinaigrette. It comes with a huge chunk of avocado fanned out across the top. Heavenly.

The other day, much to my distress, the salad came to the table without the avocado. I stirred the salad around a bit. Bacon—present. Chicken—present. Hard boiled egg—present. Corn kernels—present.

No avocado to be seen.

You may recall that I am a member of the silent generation. But I felt this required noise. I flagged down the waiter and asked if removing the avocado had been a cost decision. “No,” he replied. “It was a mistake in the kitchen.”

Moments later he brought me a plate with beautiful sliced avocado that I tossed into my mostly uneaten salad. It felt great to speak up.


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