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Classical Music--No Gray Hair

On a balmy spring evening last month, we had a wonderful music experience.

It began with a conversation with my helper at the Apple Store Genius Bar who turned out to be a symphony conductor looking for a job in a very competitive symphony world. Matt hopes to become an assistant director of a major symphony and give up his day job at Apple.

Three years ago he founded the Phoenix Orchestra to try to attract a younger generation to classical music. He wanted to “make every effort to create a more engaging concert-going experience”.

That’s how we found ourselves at the Phoenix Orchestra’s last concert of their three-concert season, held in a cavernous room at the Somerville Armory. The floor was set with cocktail tables, with a bar to the side. No one in the orchestra was over thirty-five years old. The conductor wore jeans and the players wore red shirts.

They played Dvorak, Beethoven and Ligeti surprisingly well. During the two intermissions the bar was open and the orchestra members mingled with the guests. We saw one other gray-haired couple—probably someone’s parents. We plan to subscribe to their fourth season.


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