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This week I’ve been wondering…

Where did our favorite kitchen knife go? Its 8-inch blade was perfect for almost everything. It’s been in the same slot of our kitchen knife holder for more than twenty years. Last week it was gone. Today it’s still gone.

Why did the Brooks Brothers’ coupon for $25 off on a $100 purchase arrive in the mail the day after Peter bought a $100 pair of khakis at Brooks Brothers?

Why did our Uber driver’s GPS think we were on the other side of the thoroughfare when we were running late for an appointment?

I’ve also been wondering why I am wondering…


P.S. Here’s a link to Part II of our interview with Amigo Gringo just in case you’d like to see it:


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Margaret Rader

I've noticed as I get older (now 81) all these rather ordinary setbacks or annoyances get more troublesome the older I get. For example, when there are mobility problems, being stuck on the wrong side of the street from the Uber driver can be a real problem.

We fear the missing knife is a symptom of failing memory.

Still, some things are random. Like the $25 off coupon.

Wondering is OK, and letting go is helpful.


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