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Peter and I spent Wednesday at MIT, two unlikely attendees at a symposium for CIO’s (Chief Information Officers). I am not sure why we qualified for an invite, but in our endless attempt to stay relevant in an ever-changing technological world, we couldn’t resist.

Here are some take-aways:

  1. Everyone needs to know how to code. (That leaves me out for sure.) This may change because soon machines will be able to program themselves.
  2. But machines will not be able to do the creative stuff. That means we need to give children more time to learn to be creative, both in and out of school.  Finland is a good example of a country that does that.
  3. Because people are going to live longer, they will have to stay employed longer to save enough for their retirement years. Should we work fewer hours so that there are jobs for a growing workforce? Maybe the Europeans have the right idea with their generous vacation policies.
  4. Jobs of the future will be different. How should we prepare?
  5. Machines can do much of the research and analysis that lawyers and other professionals have traditionally done. Think twice before you encourage your grandchildren to go to law school.
  6. Somewhere between 80 and100% of our workforce will have to “up their games”. That means they will need to be able to assume different roles in their organization. They should try to learn something new or volunteer to work with different teams to stay relevant and flexible.

My take-away is that we sure had it easy.


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Nora Hall

How true it is that we had it easy. Today's world seems to get more and more complicated and somewhat terrifying. But the good news is that our young people seem to feel challenged and excited about the future--probably just as we did in our 20's!

Still the Lucky Few

Food for thought. I'm not sure I could learn to code, but all younger (under 55) people should be doing that. What challenging times!

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