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It’s been a while since I updated my body deterioration report. I was pretty happy with how things were going until I decided last fall that I needed a new photo to identify myself on various media. So at Thanksgiving, I asked Seth to take some “portrait” pictures. I wasn’t thrilled with them, but on Facebook and G-mail, the photos are so small it doesn’t really matter.

But recently I needed a bigger photo, and Peter agreed to snap a few shots. He made a good effort, but was unable to produce a wrinkle-free image for me. In fact, I had to run upstairs and look in my 5x mirror to confirm what I saw in his photos. As my kids would point out, I am no spring chicken. But why do so many extra lines appear when I smile?

As for my posture, I’m trying harder—at least while I’m thinking about it. Why is it so hard to stand up straight? Why do I have to concentrate on it? Why isn’t it just natural?

And then there’s sleeping. I am not an insomniac, but I sure don’t sleep like I used to. I haven’t slept past 9:00 a.m. in years and now, sleeping until 7:30 is an accomplishment. Making it to 7:30 without being up during the night is even better. Both are rare.

Sometimes I think that my all-natural left knee is so envious of its partner’s youth that it starts aching, but it usually perks back up. I really don’t want to replace that one. And then there’s that recent pulled muscle in my shoulder. (Is that all it is?)

On the upside my blood work shows that my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is stable.

So that’s my body today. Not as good as yesterday, but probably better than tomorrow. Aren’t you glad you asked?


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Janet Winsor

I think your photograph looks great! If you're unhappy with your recent photo have one of your kids photoshops it. I don't look in the mirror much lately but I do remember what I used to look like. I'm happy to have memories of wrinkle-free days. I feel like being over sixty gives us permission to be who we are.
Janet Winsor
P.S. I say this to remind myself of how hard it is to be a woman and hope the next generation of women judge their looks less harshly.

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