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Our "Fifteen Minutes" of Fame


Nine months ago, I decided that driving almost twenty miles on an often-clogged highway to get my hair cut was a burden. So sadly, I “broke up” with Kelly. For more than 30 years (only 12 of which she was so far away), she had been doing a great job. But on wintry days and summer beach days, the trip was getting to be too much for me.

I had a plan. Two very attractive neighbors have their hair cut at a nearby salon so I tried their hairdresser. I liked her and loved how easy it was to get to her, but after two cuts, I wasn’t really happy. So when I saw a woman waiting next to me in line at the deli counter with a fabulous short haircut, I introduced myself and asked her who cut her hair. I liked woman #2, but not so much the haircut.

So I emailed Kelly and asked her if she would take me back. We had a joyous reunion about a week ago, and you should see my hair. It’s a long trip but who cares?


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I can so understand the travel problem for a hair cut! My drive is on hilly roads and takes about 25 minutes. I considered finding someone more local but I really like Barb! So this winter I just didn't get my hair done for three months as the weather was bad. And by last week I was ready to hide my head in a paper bag! Thankfully, the weather is now warmish and I went last week...had over an inch cut off and between that and the color job, I feel so much better. Confidence is often a good cut and in my case, a good color. Glad to hear you are back with Kelly. And, I really enjoy reading your blog!


I so understand. A bad haircut never goes away. 45 min drive to mine

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