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Parkinson's Disease Update

It’s nine years since Peter started experiencing unusual fatigue and some other obstacles to his active life-style. That means it’s been almost nine years since we found out that he had Parkinson’s disease.

It was a relief to know what was going on, but his diagnosis raised new questions. What activities would we have to curtail? Could we stay in our home? How much time would we have together?

Just the fact that we still have each other other nine years later is something to celebrate. Although we’ve had to curtail some activities (some of which we’d have curtailed anyhow because of our age), life is good. We’re still in our home, we still travel, we still get great joy from our kids and grandkids, and Peter is as handsome, sharp, and funny as always. Yes, he’s quieter, he walks with a shuffle and he has some trouble with things that require finger dexterity. And yes, I do a few things that he used to do. But I have him and that’s what matters.


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I came here for Amigo Gringo. I'm loving your texts.

Ellen Offner

Hi, Judy,
Great blog. I am wondering if you and Peter know about the wonderful Dance for Parkinsons Disease Program that is part of the Mark Morris Dance Group. If not, I would encourage you to email the program manager, David Leventhal, at [email protected]. I have the honor of chairing the advisory board and have been involved since the genesis. There are classes all over the world, treasured by the students, their partners, spouses, and caregivers. On another note, years ago you referred a talented Kennedy School student to me as an intern at HCHP. He turned out to be a superstar, and we are still in touch. I miss Seth's articles in the Sunday Times. You might enjoy my travel blog, ellenoffner.com.

All the best,

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