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Our "Fifteen Minutes" of Fame

On Tuesday, our son Seth’s YouTube channel (Amigo Gringo) featured a seven-minute interview with his parents (us). The “filming” took place more than a month ago, but we didn’t see it until it "aired".

Any viewer would see it as a loving portrayal of his parents. Of course, I cried.

Two days later, I watched it again. In 48 hours it had been viewed 19,000 times. There were 600 comments, almost all in Portuguese. Seth told us that we are now the most famous couple in Brazil.

The video includes a photo of Seth as a toddler. Who would have predicted that that adorable kid in diapers would make his parents Brazilian celebrities?

In case you missed it …


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What a delightful interview, and how nice to see you both. I appreciated the question about immigrants, and the way you both responded to it. Your son is great fun. No wonder it was watched so many times.


Love the video. What fun!

Janet Winsor

Thank you for sharing the video. Impressed with Seth's Brazilian, talented like his mom and dad. Fun to see you and Peter in "action" after reading your blog for so long.


We loved you xD

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