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Our Changing Travel Landscape

Ever since I took my first plane ride as a child from Pittsburgh (where I grew up) to Buffalo (where my mother’s family lived), seeing the world has been one of the joys of my life. I’ve traveled by just about every form of transportation, including camels and elephants, through almost fifty countries. My memories include a few mishaps, including a brief hospital stay in France, but they were part of the fun.

In this decade, however, we’ve had to make some adjustments. After 25 years of biking every summer, we had to stop because Peter has a bad sense of balance and takes a blood thinner, so a fall could be life-threatening. We’re finding that jet lag has become more of an issue, and a trip like our not-so-long-ago visit to New Zealand would be daunting today. Regrettably, we probably won’t get to China.

But even though we can’t travel the way we used to, we still travel. We tend to join groups and although that’s not our preference, we’ve met nice people. We still love new places and are grateful for new experiences, but our changing mode of travel is just one more indicator that…we’ve had our time.


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Still the Lucky Few

So glad you are still travelling. Your attitude is the key. Unfortunately, many people give up once health issues become more challenging.


We thought we had more time but the husbands health issues are limiting our travel plans. There are places we will never go. But we have fond memories of the travels we have done

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