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70-Something vs. Facebook

In response to the recent 70-Something post about the comfort food of my youth, a reader wrote to say that when she grew up in Dixon, Illinois, Jello fruit salad was a staple in her family. I asked her if by any chance she knew my friend Gordon, who also grew up in Dixon, (which is Ronald Reagan’s birthplace, by the way). She didn’t.

But I sent Gordon her comment anyway since Dixon is a small town and I thought he would be pleased to see that I had another blog reader from there. Gordon didn’t know her because she is several years younger than he is. But he did take piano lessons from her mother and he did play in the Dixon City Band for a summer or two (for a salary of $4.00 per concert) with her older brother.

She said she is going to put Gordon in touch with her brother.

Who needs Facebook when we have 70-something?


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