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The Pleasure of Giving (Away)

The other day I decided that I no longer needed a sewing machine. I hadn’t used it in years and it was taking up valuable closet “real estate”. I was planning to put it out with the trash when I decided someone might find a use for it. So, I emailed our neighborhood list-serve to see if anyone wanted an old sewing machine. I asked that any taker come get it before the Tuesday trash pickup.

I was shocked to hear from eight different neighbors who said they wanted it. A couple had questions like what brand and how old it was. But they all wanted it. So I told the first person who responded that it was hers.

She was thrilled when she saw it. She said they just don’t make sewing machines that last anymore. I couldn’t help but be happy for her.

Later that day, I felt some “seller’s remorse”. De-accessing is tough work.


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You'd be surprised by how many things people still have a use for. I was reluctant to offer a shower curtain on the local freecycle list because I thought nobody would want a used shower curtain (albeit washed). That same week, a young man moving into his first apartment asked for one. Much better than putting it into the trash!

Still the Lucky Few

What good news! I'm always heartened to hear about people who reuse rather than throw away. Good for you, good for the ecology!

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