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My New Fridge

Thanks to 70-something blog reader Joe Q, we have a new refrigerator. Joe’s suggestion came in response to my reported delight with the refrigerator in our January rental home in Bethesda, Maryland and my complaints about the taped-together shelves and the drawers that don’t shut properly in our own refrigerator.

Joe advised that investing in a new appliance would take only a small bite out of our children’s inheritance and we could just thank them for their gift. Made sense.

So now I have a shiny new refrigerator.   I can get cold filtered water (and ice) without opening the refrigerator door rather than standing at the sink and waiting for the water to run cold. And the drawers open and close properly so that our fruits, vegetables and deli items keep well. Furthermore, it’s spanking clean and I am committed to keeping it that way.

Once again my readers know what’s best.


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Well done! Glad you are enjoying a brand new fridge. Is it stainless steel? or maybe it is white. I have been afraid of stainless steel marking badly, I so bought a black fridge to match my black dishwasher.
My stove is a black and stainless steel combo..stainless just on the front of the oven door.
Love reading your blog. Cheers!

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