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How Seventy-Nine Feels

Nine-Hundred-Fifty-eight and Counting

Tomorrow is my birthday. It’s a scary one because I’ll be turning 79, which means that I have only one more year of being 70-something. My first post to appeared on January 10, 2008 in anticipation of my turning seventy. This is my 958th. It’s been a decade of great change, but aren’t they all?

After writing private journals on and off throughout my life, going public with one was a big deal. It has been an honor to make so many new friends and to hear from so many followers. Please stay tuned.



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A very happy birthday to you and wish you many more happy returns of this day. Your blog has always been simple, honest and refreshing. i am bound stay tuned. Thank you and have a wonderful birthday!

Janet Winsor

Happy birthday- have fun and continue sharing your wisdom,thoughts and chuckles. I look forward to reading your blog. Celebrate!
Janet Winsor


Love your column. Although I haven't commented much, I read your wise words faithfully. Thank you for this.

Norman Ellis

Best. Wishes from Val & Norm (in Melbourne right now!)

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