As I Age...
Home Again

"Head West on Maple Avenue..."

So said our Google Maps each time we backed our car out of the driveway during our January stay in Maryland. And west we headed whether we were going to the children’s house, to the Metro to head into DC, or to the nearby Harris Teeter supermarket.

The house we rented sight unseen was small, but comfortable, with a gas-lit fireplace that made even the cooler days feel toasty. We made do with the equipment and utensil-challenged kitchen (so small that my butt turned on the dishwasher when I opened the oven door), and the insufficient-water-pressure showers because we were near our children, grandchildren and the wonders of our nation’s capital.

Our month had many highlights, some of which I’ve written about. But we barely scratched the surface of the area's attractions. We have always believed in leaving a place we visit while there is still more we want to do, and that certainly happened this time.

We balanced seeing the kids (at least every Wednesday for dinner and every Sunday for basketball games) with friends and sightseeing. We had a short visit from Seth who came from New York to get to see both his parents and his brother and family for a few days. We read the Washington Post every morning, almost like natives.

On Thursday, we started out for eight-hour drive home at 7:00 a.m. With the GPS to lead us, we heard “Head West on Maple Avenue…” for the final time.



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What a good idea to rent a house for a month in D.C. There is so much to see. Did you go to the Newseum? It is fantastic.

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