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I’ve never been the marching type.  I was born a few years too early for the Woodstock generation, and I prefer to keep my politics private.

But although I want our new president to succeed, I felt compelled to protest his attitude toward women.   That’s why this 70-something-year-old put on her walking shoes and joined the Women’s March on Washington’s National Mall on Saturday.

My daughter-in-law Katrina signed us up for a chartered bus because the Washington Metro was going to be impossible.  Her neighbor provided “RESPECT” balloons and banners.  We had a detailed plan to keep our group of thirty together, but it was doomed by the size of the crowd which far exceeded expectations.  Katrina and I barely managed to keep the two of us together.

Many of the marchers' signs were respectful in calling for women not to lose their hard-fought-for rights.  Some were amusing, some clever, but a fair number were disrespectful.  Some of the signs were not PG-13 (which this blog tries to be) so click here if you want to see them for yourself. You’ve probably read about the star-studded program.  We couldn’t even get close enough to watch it on one of the jumbotron screens, let alone on the stage itself.

At 1:00 (just before the march was supposed to start), they changed the route for “safety reasons”.  At 2:00, they cancelled the march because no one could move. The event became just a rally.

We were packed like sardines, making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through. It began to feel a bit scary, and we finally decided that we’d better head for our bus, parked a 30-minute walk away.

Did I have fun?  No.  Am I glad I went? Absolutely.  There was something very powerful and gratifying about being part of a crowd of half-a-million, mostly women, using their right of freedom of speech to gather peacefully for a cause they cherish.

Will this movement make a difference?  Or save the rights we were “marching” for?  It’s too soon to tell, but an exhausted me, happy to make it home without incident, is really glad she was there.



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Amazing turnout for the Women's March I wonder if President P. G. will even acknowledge it. Maybe a tweet about how almost no one showed up?

Still the Lucky Few

Good for you, Judy!

Val & Norm

Well done Judy!

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