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It's Not Florida, But...

For years, I traveled to Washington DC on business, sometimes doing the round trip from Boston in a day. Occasionally, I managed to duck into one of the Smithsonian museums for twenty minutes between meetings. My view of the cherry blossoms tended to be through a cab window on the way to the airport.

But now, we are in the DC area for a month with no work on my agenda. After going to Florida to escape the New England winter for the last three Januarys, we were ready for a change. So this month we are in a small rental house in Bethesda, MD just minutes away from our grandchildren. Although it’s not Florida, the temperature is ten or more degrees higher than in Boston, and more important for me, the days are longer.

Not to sound like the District of Columbia tourist bureau, but the choices of things to do, mostly free, are endless. So far we’ve visited the newly re-opened East Wing of the National Gallery (stunning), the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and perhaps most moving, the new National Museum of African-American History.

Spending time with our kids and grandkids is a huge bonus. Our little house is stretched to the max when everyone comes to dinner, but after Grady brings up chairs from the basement, Jeremy and Leo pull out the small table in the dining room and add an end table to it, and Katrina has brought us the extra cutlery and plates we need, we are good to go. I’ve promised to make the French Silk pie that everyone loves at Thanksgiving before we go back to Boston.

It’s going way too fast.


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What a great idea! I'm with you on the length of daylight!

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