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Onions, Onions, Why Do We Have So Many Onions?

Long-time Saturday-Night-Live fans will remember its mid-1980’s character Ed Grimley, with his pants riding high on his chest, his three-inch pompadour hairdo and his love of Pat Sajak. Played by iconic comedian Martin Short, lines like “I must say.” remain in our family conversations to this day.

In one skit, Ed opens his refrigerator door for something and a lifetime supply of onions comes flying out. “Onions, onions, why do we have so many onions!” he exclaims.

Why did this come to mind, you might ask? Well, let me introduce you to my closet. It seems to have a lifetime supply of black pants-- black linen summer pants, black exercise capris, black corduroy, black summer-weight tights, black wintery stretch pants, black very dressy pants, and one black bottom half of a pantsuit.

I remember hearing Janet Napolitano--or was it Donna Shalala--definitely was one of those short former U.S. cabinet members--saying that she never travels without a pair of black pants—Just rotating the tops gets her from morning to evening events.

Today, when the UPS guy delivered my new black leggings and I added them to the long row of black pants hanging in my closet, I couldn’t help but think, “Black pants, black pants, why do I have so many black pants?”

You can see Martin Short as Ed Grimley here.


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Kathy @ SMART Living 365

Hi Judy! I just stumbled across your blog and can tell we have much in common. And "must say" I remember many of those Saturday Night Live characters....and while I've never been that into black pants...I could say the exact same thing about shorts. (I do live in the desert southwest.) For me it's "shorts, beige shorts, black shorts, brown shorts....why do I have so many shorts??" Thanks for the memories and the laugh. ~Kathy

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