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Another Thanksgiving

                                                               Hasty goodbye note at 4:00 a.m.


Another Thanksgiving is history. My favorite holiday of the year comes around too quickly lately, but each year I am ever more grateful that we are all together.

Our house is a good size for Peter and me. Four people works quite well too. But this year we had eight people plus a very lively dog for five days. So it was pretty chaotic. This time we had to borrow a blowup bed that lived in our basement “exercise room” because Seth brought a friend.

Our grandsons are a force. Leo, almost thirteen, is six feet tall, and he takes up a lot of space. His brother Grady, at ten, seems to be happy as long as he has a mirror to look into. (It’s true, he is gorgeous). The dog whines loudly whenever her “mother” is out. Food is constantly being consumed, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen although Seth did cook up a fancy meal one night.

We laugh a lot.

I don’t realize how exhausting it is until everyone leaves. But I love every minute of it.


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