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The End of an Endless Campaign

A Rose by Any Other Name...

I’ve been thinking about euphemisms. We don’t cut jobs, we downsize. We don’t die, we “buy the farm”. Words matter.

That’s why I am impressed with the names of two new online businesses offering to help us with the end-of-life (another euphemism).

According to The New York Times, there are 2.6 million Americans dying every year. With more of us looking to the Internet for everything, online dying services were bound to happen. So we have “Willing,” a startup company that provides you with wills, healthcare directives and other estate planning documents more quickly and at lower cost than a law firm. A name like “Willing” seems to make it easier to face planning for the day when you will be “pushing up daisies”.

And then there’s the aptly-named “Parting,” an online directory of funeral homes by zipcode, that compares prices and services for the day when Grandma “bites the dust”.

It shouldn’t be long before you can Google “The Last Supper” and be sent to the website of a new end-of-life startup probably to be called...

“Just Desserts”.


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