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To Move or Not To Move

Eight years ago when Peter learned that he had Parkinson’s Disease, we thought we would have to move from our four-story home soon because of his potential mobility problems.

We began a fruitless condo search that lasted about five years. Two things have kept us where we are. One is that we never found the right condo and the other is that Peter is still handling the stairs fairly well.

But we think it’s time to decide where we would like to live when we can no longer be on our own. So when I saw a posting on a bulletin board looking for “seniors” who are struggling with this decision to be interviewed for a book on the subject, I signed up. I was hoping we might learn something to help us make our decision.

Of course, in a 45-minute phone conversation, we didn’t get enough information to make a final decision. But here’s what we learned. The people the researcher interviewed fell into one of two categories. Either they weren’t “ready” to move or, if they were already living in a continuing care retirement community, they wondered why they had waited so long to make the move.



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