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The other day I broke the glass carafe of our Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. I barely brushed it against the side of the sink, but a hole is a hole. Fortunately, it was after breakfast because a day that doesn’t start with coffee wouldn’t work in our house.

I had looked for an “extra” carafe to have on hand for such a mishap, but somehow I never found one. So, our plans for the day were put on hold while we worked on this problem.

We scoured Amazon and Target’s web sites and found that a nearby Target had several Mr. Coffee carafes in stock for $11.19. Within moments, we were on our way.

When we got to Target, we failed to find what we were looking for, but fortunately a knowledgeable clerk helped us out. We had thought we would buy two carafes in case this would happen again, but alas, they had only one.

Satisfied for now, we went to check out. At the cash register, the price came up as $15.99. I told the cashier that we had just seen it online for $11.19, and without missing a beat, she directed us to Customer Service where they gave us the carafe for the online price.

Hmmm…Does that mean we need to check the website before every trip to Target?


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I have stopped shopping at Target in Watertown for this reason The prices are continually mismarked. I don't have the energy to check every price.. plus Target's prices seem to be now on par with everyone else..

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