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Genomes and Me

I choose the courses I take in my learning in retirement program to fill gaps in my education. That’s why I found myself in a poetry class my first semester as I tried to like poetry more. Great teacher, stimulating classmates, but in the end, I still didn’t like poetry more.

This fall, I signed up for two classes to learn about totally new-to-me subjects:  “After Stonewall—the Best Gay and Lesbian Literature of our Era” and “How Genomes Work”. The former is outstanding. The readings are excellent, our teachers very competent and my classmates’ comments insightful, probably because several seem to be either former English teachers or literature majors.

In my “Genomes” class, however, I was lost after the first five minutes. Every word had too many syllables, all of which were scientific and confusing. The teacher was excellent, but I knew I would be a hopeless and frustrated student. So in keeping with my new “I’m retired, I only do what I want to” philosophy, I apologized to the study group leader and took a different class.

A wise decision.


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Comforting to know someone else doesn't much like poetry. My "I'm retired, I don't have to do this applies to volunteer work."

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