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Us Versus Them

Are you ready for the latest chapter in the technology-versus-us saga?

A couple of months ago, we got a new counter-sized TV for our kitchen. It was a great improvement over the bulky set it replaced, and we wondered why it had taken us so long to replace our old one.

Then one day, with no warning, it stopped getting our favorite news channel. We no longer have cable, so we use a low-cost indoor antenna to get TV. We bought a better antenna, but that didn’t solve the problem.

So Peter emailed the local station asking for suggestions. They replied with a few ideas. The first (and easiest) worked like a charm.

It seems there is a computer in our new TV. (Who knew?) So, as they suggested, we did what you do when your computer doesn’t work properly. We unplugged the TV and plugged it in again. Voilà! Our news channel was back.

That same morning I tried to unsubscribe from Hyundai Automobile emails. We have never owned a Hyundai vehicle, but I was hearing from them weekly. The “unsubscribe” link at the end of their email didn’t work, but it said I could unsubscribe by calling their toll-free number.

The poor woman who took my call didn’t know what to do since I don’t own one of their cars and shouldn’t be in their system in the first place.

When fifteen minutes on the phone with her didn’t solve the problem, I told her that I didn’t blame her, but that I’d rather stay on their list forever than stay on the phone another minute.

I’ll spare you my interaction with Comcast last week.


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