There's No Place Like Home
Daisy, Purple, Church


We had a busy couple of weeks coming up with two overlapping sets of overnight guests on our agenda, so Monday was my day to get organized. Because we were having friends for dinner that evening, that gave me only the morning. So when I got an email telling me that some books I had reserved were waiting at the local library, I hurried out of the house for the short walk to pick them up.

I couldn’t help but notice the crystal clear, intensely-blue August sky. I remarked on it to the librarian who was taking the weekend book returns out of the drop-off box in front of the library. She was also impressed.

I also couldn’t help but notice that she was dealing with a huge stack of books that people had returned over the weekend. So I helped her carry several armloads into the library. She thanked me and told me they are lucky to have such lovely patrons. When I left with my three reserved books, another “lovely patron” was helping her carry in still more books.

As the days are beginning to shorten and my favorite season draws to an end, I want to appreciate each precious day.


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