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When our son Seth wrote an article about kids planning their family vacations, he offered his nephew (our grandson) Leo as an example.

Leo, age twelve, had planned a school vacation trip in March for his younger brother Grady, his parents, his grandmother (yours truly) and his Aunt Nancy. He chose the destination (New Orleans), the hotel and most of the activities.

Shortly after Seth’s article appeared, National Public Radio (NPR) asked if they could interview Leo for Morning Edition. Leo, away at summer camp, agreed. The phone interview took place in the camp’s business office during “siesta”.

It aired last Saturday morning and for 3:05 minutes, we heard our twelve-year- old grandson answering questions from Scott Simon, host of Morning Edition. Leo was articulate and funny and he didn’t sound nervous (although he said he was).

His mother listened to it “live” at home, then “live” in Chicago and finally “live” in San Francisco on her smartphone. His grandmother downloaded it to her computer and has listened countless times.

It was fun to hear from several friends and colleagues who were listening to Morning Edition and just happened to hear our grandson being interviewed.

There is one person, however, who has refused to listen. His name is Leo.


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Still the Lucky Few

Last sentence is so cute, and true. A very healthy attitude, and a wise young man at twelve!

Erin Read

I heard the interview, and loved it! I should have known that Leo was part of your intrepid family of travelers.

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