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Kissin' Cousins

I love my cousin Gerry who lives in Connecticut. He is energetic, funny, and smart. He also is good at getting the family together.

Last weekend he and his son David stayed with us while they binged on three Red Sox baseball games. Except for when they were at the games, it was non-stop re-living our past. He had some great stories about our family that I had long forgotten. We talked a lot about our parents and what it would be like to have them here today.

My memories of Gerry (who is six years younger than I) are of a curly-haired, sweet and rather shy kid, maybe the quietest of all our cousins. But he didn’t stay that way. He’s coming to the end of a successful career as a divorce attorney, in love with a wonderful woman, has two terrific children and remarkably, still has all that curly hair.


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