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Eight Days in August

It started on a Friday morning when cousin Gerry and his son arrived from Connecticut for a weekend of Boston Red Sox games. Our daughter-in-law Katrina arrived from Maryland late that afternoon, having dropped her husband Jeremy and brother-in-law Seth off in Western Massachusetts for Camp Becket’s Dad’s Weekend. On Sunday, we drove a round-trip to Becket to spend an hour or so with our grandsons just as I had thirty-some years ago when Seth and Jeremy were campers there.

Jeremy, Katrina and Seth came back here for the week between Dad’s Weekend and the end of camp rather than drive back and forth to Maryland again. Gerry and son had left while we were away. (A good thing because we needed their beds!)

Tuesday, we all drove to Cape Cod for a reunion with former neighbors, Seth, Peter and me just for the day, but Jeremy and Katrina to stay on the Cape for two days. Everyone was back here for dinner on Thursday night. On Friday, the kids left—Seth to go back to New York, Jeremy and Katrina to pick up the boys at camp.

From chaos to quiet...

That is until the next day when friends from California arrived. Needless to say, we were exhausted from all this fun. So was our washing machine.

It died during the third load of sheets and towels.


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