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Daisy, Purple, Church

Lately, I have been going with Peter to appointments with his neurologist. She is an excellent, thorough, and caring physician.

I go because:

  1. Experts say it is good to take a family member with you to medical appointments, and I like to support Peter and listen with him.
  2. If we bring his doctor a problem she has a solution, or at least some helpful suggestions, to deal with it.
  3. I leave feeling happy that Peter is in her capable hands.

The appointments are long because she is very thorough. Early on, she always asks him where we are and what day and year it is. Then she gives him three words to remember. This time they were daisy, purple, and church.

When, near the end of his appointment, she asked him to repeat them, he remembered what they were.

Thankfully, so did I.


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Easiest if you remember a sentence: Daisy wore purple to church.:)

Carolyn Stephens

Dog, ball, television.
She gives me the same words every year.

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