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I love coincidences. Like the time we found ourselves sitting across the table from a young woman at an 80th birthday party who turned out to have worked with our son Jeremy two decades ago.

Or the time when a woman saw me at an airport and recognized me from 45 years ago when I had helped her get a job that (according to her) launched her wonderful career.

This past weekend, the coincidence fairy struck twice.

We were staying at an Airbnb in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The owner, a retired professor had published a book about the now defunct Windsor Mountain School of nearby Lenox. For the book, she had interviewed the founder’s great niece. Since the niece lives in Boston, she asked if we knew her. Our answer: “Actually, we’re going to her house for dinner on Tuesday.”

The next day we went to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing at Tanglewood, its Berkshire summer home. The concert was in the“Shed” which seats 5,100 people, and it was sold out. Sitting in the seats next to us were the parents of our son Seth’s co-star from his 9th grade school production of “Anything Goes.”

Good work by the coincidence fairy.


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Karen Wardamasky

I love coincidences! Yours were great. I once followed the blog of a woman from New Zealand who was traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express. She was following my blog about my father's life in Russia as a boy and young man. When she arrived in St. Petersburg, she took some photos at a cemetery for me. Months later, I was in London, having traveled there from South Carolina, and I mentioned it in my blog. She contacted me that she was also in London, so I was able to meet this stranger from New Zealand. That was an amazing coincidence.

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