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Coda to the Wisdom of the Aged

The Wisdom of the Aged

When we spend time in New Hampshire at the lake-front home of our friends Gordon and Christa, we have very deep and meaningful conversations ranging from politics to history to whether to cut off both ends of fresh string beans before cooking them.

Last weekend, we were joined by their friend Jean and our profound discussion yielded some tenets of parenting that I feel compelled to share. They need no explanation.

  • A mother’s place is in the wrong.
  • If you want to get along with your grown children, live far away and send money.
  • If you have to live nearby, keep your mouth shut and your purse open.

We also talked about politics, concluding that this was like no other election year and promises to become more unusual as it progresses. We limited the talk about our aches and pains to advising Christa on how to treat the insect sting on her eyelid. We ate too much.

Another great weekend.


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Hahahaha. So funny! Thanks!

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