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We stopped overnight in Syracuse recently on the way to our western New York State vacation.  We had dinner at Otro Cinco, a friendly Mexican restaurant with lots of gluten-free options in Syracuse’s historic district.  I ordered the house special, a roasted vegetable burrito made with a corn tortilla.  Delicious.

I didn't join Peter in a beer because gluten-free beer isn’t really beer.  As for dessert, Otro Cinco didn’t have flan, my Mexican favorite. I figured I would share Peter’s dessert if he ordered something I could have.

But he chose the carrot cake, off limits to me. I’m sure he felt guilty about it because there were gluten-free options available.  When the waiter came back and said they were out of carrot cake, I got my hopes up.

I can handle Peter’s eating things I can’t have.  He’s very sympathetic about my restrictions.  It would have been so easy for him to order the crème brulee and give me a bite. But he chose the peanut butter cake, leaving me dessert-less.

It was so unlike him. 


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Why didn't you order a creme brûlée for yourself?

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