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Coda to the Wisdom of the Aged

Left out of the last 70-something post about profound subjects discussed in our recent New Hampshire weekend was our important conversation about foods we hated as children. We agreed that cooking has become much more imaginative in our generation, probably thanks to Julia Child initially and now to the many cooking channels on TV and the zillions of recipes available on the Internet through Epicurious and other websites.

But still, what we hated tells us something about our upbringing.

As children…

  • Jean hated liver and onions. In her family, you finished what was on your plate. Period.
  • Peter hated stewed lungs (whatever those are).
  • Gordon could not tolerate fried eggplant.
  • For me, it was the (not-fresh) fish that made its way to Pittsburgh from some far-away ocean and was only edible when smothered in ketchup.

But it was Christa who was born in Germany at the start of the WWII who startled us with her reply.

                “We ate whatever we could get.”

I wondered what our kids having this discussion in 2050 would be saying about what they hated to eat as children…


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As a child of the 80's my least favorite thing had to be cans of veg-all! Mostly because of the Lima beans and the weird tasting white potatoes. I loved liver and onions as a child but am not sure I would eat it today knowing what it is.

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