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The Clothing Art Party

What we do in retirement!

A neighbor invited me to her “ Clothing Art Party” featuring three artists/designers displaying their handmade crafts accompanied by a glass of prosecco with a raspberry on the bottom on a sunny late-spring afternoon.

I can’t believe I went. I knew I didn’t need baby clothes or hand-crafted tablecloths (I don’t even use the tablecloths I have). My scarf drawer overflows. But I like this neighbor and I was around, so I went.

Attending were a group of amazingly dynamic women. I talked at length with a fascinating documentary filmmaker from a nearby town. I met a few neighbors I didn’t know. Everybody was interesting.

I admired the beautiful African fabrics used for the dresses and tops made by the lady who lived much of her life in Kenya. She gives a percentage of the money she gets from her sales to provide "Girls Dignity Kits" to young girls so that they can attend school during their menstrual periods.

I tried on a bunch of the African tops. They ballooned over my thin body and made me feel like I was in a tent. But it was for a good cause.

So I bought one.


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I just discovered your blog via Connie Contemplates blog. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to future posts.

Clothing art...hmmmm. My style is more of "lack of". I always seem to be a few years behind the latest trend. I'm most comfortable in the LLBean look. My small body doesn't do well with some of the styles out there. But I always appreciate someone who is dressed in a way that is stylish and "put together". Maybe some day I'll look in the mirror and see that person!

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